The Holistic Content Marketing Process

Our content marketing campaigns are designed to generate traffic, leads, and revenue for your company. Achieving these goals requires a holistic process that includes research, data acquisition, creation, promotion, and analysis. 

Rethink Content

Diversify Your Content Marketing Strategy

Keyword-targeted articles are a great way to improve marketing performance. We recommend this tactic as part of a comprehensive content strategy, but you can't stop there. There is a growing selection of AI content generation tools that are quickly turning articles into a commodity. This means you need to create innovative content that automated tools can't replicate. Creating more unique resources also improves SEO performance and differentiates your brand. Below are a few examples of this approach to content. 


Multi-Channel Content Promotion Campaigns

If you've invested significant time in creating fantastic content, investing in promotion is where you see the returns. We leverage a wide variety of marketing channels to ensure the intended audience gets engaged. Below are some of the channels we use.

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Press release
  • Direct outreach to journalist