SEO Foundation

Keyword research is a potent source of customer feedback and the foundation of our SEO strategy

It reveals how often your prospects and customers search for information in your industry. We craft our SEO strategy based on how your prospects and customers use Google.

  • How often do people search for your brand name?
  • How often do they search for your competitor's brand names?
  • What information do prospects search to help make a purchase decision?

Keyword research can also reveal new opportunities including emerging market trends, potential product extensions, or insights into competing products. 

Technical SEO

Code & Configuration Best Practices

There are a number of critical web development practices that impact a search engine's ability to comprehend your website's content. We use a range of diagnostic tools to quickly identify these issues, and develop a plan to resolve them. Making these updates is an important step toward improving SEO performance.

We've helped numerous companies with complex technical solutions involving large domain moves, JavaScript crawling, international SEO, single-page applications, and more.

Content Marketing

Let's Create Resources Your Customers Can't Live Without

We encourage our clients to think beyond the blog. It's better to have one or two amazing resources than 100 mediocre blog posts. Great content marketing can come in many forms. It might be an informational directory, a well-curated evergreen list, or a niche application. Anything that results in a unique resource that your target market values.

Content Marketing

Link-Worthy Content Using Data Visualization

We create custom visualizations using ETL processes and the d3.js Javascript library. These unique visualizations help differentiate your content from basic articles and blog posts published by your competitors. 

d3.js uses HTML and SVG, which are native web elements - which means Google can crawl and index this data like any other content.